RENDITION; (music), singing a version of a song.

People always say that they love the fact that we donít try to copy or mimic other bands. We take a song and we make it our own, hence the name RENDITION.

RENDITION did not just happen over night. It took some friendship, magic and a little bit of fate to get everyone together! RENDITION started out as an acoustic act in the beginning of 2004, when a chance to form a band was too great to pass up. After playing as a three piece for a few months, we decided to add a drummer to the mix and get a full band going. RENDITION played its first full band show on April 14, 2004. With the excitement of a full band, the desire to play bigger venues and the drive to go out there and be heard, we dove head first into being the best band out there! We started playing local bars and private events, building up the set list and learning along the way. We were taking opening slots, driving anywhere we could and just happy to be out there doing what we love. We began playing bars all over, traveling to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan and found open arms down at colleges such as Eastern Illinois, U of I, Western Michigan, Northern, and a few others. Now here we are in 2010 and things are getting crazy. We are busier than ever, traveling constantly and meeting new fans everyday. Mixed with a "HIGH ENERGY" stage show and an extensive song list, RENDITION appeals to a wide range of audiences. From Alternative to Dance, Country to Rock or Classic to Rap, RENDITION does it all. If you have not seen us yet, you are in for an amazing event!!! Everyone in the band brings something to the table. In just a short amount of time, RENDITION has played at over 150 different venues, average over 200 shows a year and things are only getting started. RENDITION is constantly adding more and more clients to their every growing list of bars, private events, weddings and festivals! We love what we do. We have met some of the greatest people out there and have the most loyal fans in the world. We thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing everyone out there on the road ahead! This is only the beginning!!!